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When you switch on your TV, do you get that feeling that your missing all your television channels & shows from your Home Country ?

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Any Channel : Any Country

When you switch on your TV, do you get that feeling that your missing all your television channels & shows from your Home Country ? Have you been relocated, are you already living & working in your new European Home but wishing that you could watch your favorite TV channels from Home ?


The Team at TV From Home offer full professional installation of all satellite systems as well as our unique   ” Expat HD Cable TV ” systems that do NOT require a Satellite Dish Antenna : simple & easy !

Whatever Country your from we will get you connected : Any language : Any channel.

Moving Home : Relocation

If your moving into your new house and require your satellite dish antenna to be re installed or want to purchase a brand new satellite or cable television system, we will provide you with a full Free Price Quote. 


Whatever you want to buy, be it a satellite or cable tv system, new television, home cinema, simply contact our sales team who will do their very best to answer all your questions along with a full price quote, and get you connected as soon as possible.

A Tailor Made Price Quote

TV From Home supply & install Digital Satellite & Cable HD Television and Radio systems to Expats living and working in all European Countries. Ask about our new VIP service now available across Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg offering a unique service tailored to Expats and their families.


From whatever Country your coming from, we take the time to check what stations can be received and fully explain to you the available choice, making you a detailed quote, tailor made to your requirements, language and budget, so you can be connected as quickly as possible to the TV & Radio stations from your Home Country that your missing.


In fact we are able to supply you with a mix of any language channels that you require.

Watch What You Want To

TV From Home is the largest choice of Television & Radio channels from around the World.


Did you know that with Freesat there are for example no Monthly fees !


We provide all Free To Air & Pay TV Providers such as Freesat, SKY, AFN, Canal Digitaal, Viasat ...


Tell us what you want to watch and we will make you a tailor made price quote to suit your exact requirements & budget.

FREESAT : Click Here 

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